Minneapolis Pops Orchestra Featured in Southwest Journal

Writer Michelle Bruch featured the Minneapolis Pops Orchestra in her June 16, 2015 article entitled “Minneapolis Pops draws thousands to Lake Harriet” in the Southwest Journal!  Some highlights of the article:

One of Lantz’s greatest challenges at the podium is preventing his music from blowing away. With up to 50 or 60 pages to turn, he can’t easily use clothespins or clips like the musicians. Instead, he uses his cell phone to pin down the music. Once he glanced down to see a text from his wife — a severe thunderstorm was on the way, and it would hit in less than 10 minutes. He was still in the middle of the piece, but had just enough time to wrap it up and evacuate a couple thousand people before the storm arrived.

When [Lynn] Erickson started playing trumpet with the Pops 25 seasons ago, she questioned the idea of giving up five weekends in the middle of summer. But she discovered musicians do it gladly, for decades.

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